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The Tapestry Bag​​​​​​

Crafted from swatches of authentic vintage carpets, this season’s boldest bag has heirloom-inspired style

An antique Persian rug can fetch a price in the tens of thousands of dollars, so it is not surprising that haute couture values these carpets’ opulent patterns and textures. To complement the Russian-inspired Fall 2013 Ralph Lauren Collection, which featured Cossack pants, shearling hats and sensuous velvet dresses, Mr. Lauren also looked East and into the past when creating these bohemian handbags.



Because these tapestry-covered bags feature genuine pieces of woolen tapestry, each is one-of-a-kind and transcends seasonality, making them true works of art. Juxtaposed with the delicate fibers of the tapestries are rugged leather straps, brass hardware and plush shearling trim. And when you remember that in some fairy tales, a Persian rug transforms into a flying carpet, it’s easy to understand why this bag seems magical.


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