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​​Bright Handbag​​​​

From tangerine to kiwi, exuberant shades cast the iconic style
of Ralph Lauren’s handbags in a brilliant new light

There is a scientific theory that color and light improve mood and restore energy. This may explain why during winter’s greyest days so many of us fly south, where blue oceans, jewel-toned flowers and sun-soaked beaches help us forget that spring is still months away.

Bright Handbag

Signature details such as the cartridge lock and a silver horse bit stand out against sleek and simple designs


This season, Ralph Lauren dipped luxe Italian-made leather bags in saturated hues from maize yellow and hot pink to soft French blue to recall those seaside escapes. Whether you’re punctuating a cold-weather uniform of black and grey or complementing the cruise season’s head-to-toe brights, our structured and sleek handbags will stand out like spring flowers on the chilly days ahead.

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