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Holiday 2013


This holiday season, Ralph Lauren drew inspiration from the Spanish Riding School, in Vienna, a centuries-old institution that teaches equestrians on horseback balletic movements that are performed in a ring. For more than 400 years, the school has carried on this beautiful baroque riding tradition, as beloved for its smartly dressed riders as it is for its dynamism and music. This winter, evoke the sartorial legacy of the school’s equestrians in pieces with cavalry-inspired flair. Statement outerwear, such as Denim & Supply’s Tartan Officer’s Coat and Blue Label’s Embroidered Twill Jacket, features metallic cording and bullion embroidery that add opulence to any look, day or night. On a casual day, a skinny jodhpur crafted from red velvet gives a simple tee a dressier, more elegant vibe. Take this trend to the next level with accessories like a luxe calfskin backpack and a tasseled boot. Paired with a devil-may-care attitude, this is a confident look that any equestrienne would approve of.