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Team USA Opening Ceremony Cardigan​​​​

Celebrate the Olympic Winter Games in style with our official Team USA Opening Ceremony Cardigan, which is made exclusively in the US

In honor of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, Ralph Lauren partnered with more than 40 American businesses—many of which are family owned and operated—to craft each piece of the 2014 Team USA Collection exclusively in the United States. The result: stylish, patriotic apparel that is steeped in tradition and infused with American pride by the people who worked on each piece. The Team USA Opening Ceremony Cardigan is a testament to that. Made from soft wool and featuring a classic winter motif at the front and colorful Olympic rings at the back, this sweater is one of the standout styles in the collection. The inspiration behind its design comes from the beauty of the American landscape and our nation’s rich cultural history.



And for perspective on just how much work went into the production of the Team USA Opening Ceremony Cardigan, take a look at the numbers: two years of planning, 6,250 pounds of wool and 5,625,000 yards of spun and dyed yarn. Although only the athletes compete for gold at the Olympics, it’s impossible not to feel like part of the winning team while wearing each piece when you consider the amount of pride and care that went into creating the 2014 Team USA Collection.

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Team USA Opening Ceremony Cardigan