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Leave the crisp oxford shirt at home, and
channel the laid-back vibe of a seaside retreat
by wearing a soft, faded sport shirt made from
chambray or featuring stripes or a vintage print.
Don’t worry if your shirt gets a bit rumpled;
it lends a carefree feel to your look.
If there’s one item you can’t hit the
beach without, it’s your swim trunk.
A bathing suit in a maritime-inspired color,
like orange, blue or white, will be perfect
for boating, playing volleyball on the sand
or just taking a dip.
The short list: A chino short in a variety
of sun-washed colors is versatile enough to
wear both day and night and pairs with
anything from a button-down to a T-shirt.
A comfortable, timeworn sweatshirt is as key
to casual beach style as a tan and salty hair,
and the fleece fabric it’s made from will only
get softer with time. Pack one in a bright color
to throw on at the end of the day or
when it’s extra breezy out.
An open-weave sweater is lightweight enough
to wear on warmer days but also adds some
warmth on cooler nights. Choose one in
a summer-ready shade, like white or pale blue,
and this knit will take you from the beach to
dinner with ease.
Though they inevitably end up piled by the
door, you still need the right shoes. A bright
espadrille will punch up any outfit when
you feel like adding a dash of color.

When on vacation, comfort is key, so be sure to bring along plenty of soft, worn-in shorts and shirts

Although we’d love to sit on a beach pretty much every day, we know that we have weekends by the shore to look forward to. Whether you’re prepping for a spur-of-the-moment getaway or a vacation planned months in advance, packing should be the least of your concerns. Make it easy on yourself by sticking to several laid-back essentials that can be mixed and matched. It’ll save you time getting dressed and space in your bag. When you’re going casual, comfort is key, so you should have a few pairs of broken-in shorts on hand. Chinos in solid colors are versatile enough to wear during the day and at night, and the same goes for a sun-faded sport shirt crafted from summery chambray or featuring a classic print.



A lightweight sweatshirt and knit sweater will keep you warm on windy days and while out and about on cooler evenings; bringing one or two should be enough. Accessories are equally important, so pack footwear that is comfortable enough to walk in and will withstand some sand and water. And perhaps the most key piece of all is the right swimwear. A swim trunk in a bold hue looks good on any guy, but just be sure to choose a length that suits you. (As a general rule, your trunk’s inseam should get shorter as you get older, stopping comfortably around mid-thigh when you’re in your 30s. Leave the board shorts for the youngsters.) Once you’ve picked out your weekend wardrobe, pack it into a roomy canvas tote or duffel that can double as your beach bag and you’re good to go.

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