JUST LIKE NEW By Melissa Schweiger
Gardiner’s Corner is a cherished historical landmark in the picturesque town of Nantucket.
A cherished Nantucket mural gets a loving facelift

In the fall of 2006, Ralph Lauren partnered with the Nantucket Historical Association to restore the Compass Rose Mural at Gardiner’s Corner, a beloved Nantucket landmark, which adorns the side of Ralph Lauren’s Nantucket store. H. Marshall Gardiner first came to Nantucket in 1910 and soon established his gift and photography business at 16 Main Street. Gardiner designed the mural in 1936, based on the compass rose used by mariners and navigators, and included destinations of personal significance such as Mackinac Island and Daytona Beach, where he spent childhood summers.

JUST LIKE NEW By Melissa Schweiger
The Compass Rose mural features destinations with a personal significance for H. Marshall Gardiner.

Just before the conservation work was to begin, Ralph Lauren was approached by local filmmaker John Stanton, to support his documentary, entitled Not Just A Sign, a short film about the historical significance of the Compass Rose Mural at Gardiner’s Corner. It also highlights the Gardiner’s family history and the idea of the sign as a piece of public art. The documentary appeared as a short film at the 12th annual Nantucket Film Festival, which ran from June 13th – 17th, 2007.

JUST LIKE NEW By Melissa Schweiger
Left: Adorning the side of Ralph Lauren’s Nantucket store, the mural recalls compasses used by mariners and navigators. Right: The restoration aimed to recreate the original 1930s design of the Compass Rose.

Ralph Lauren was pleased to support this conservation effort and believes that it is their responsibility to support the traditions and local organizations that are most important to the communities they are a part of.

In honor of Ralph Lauren’s partnership with the Nantucket Historical Association, the company designed Compass Rose t-shirts and hats for men, women and children with 100 percent of the proceeds benefiting the NHA. This product is exclusively available at the Ralph Lauren Nantucket store.

  • Early photograph of Compass Rose Mural at Gardiner’s Corner courtesy of Nantucket
  • Images of newly restored mural and Nantucket store courtesy of Polo Ralph Lauren