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RL Style Guide

A man-made fiber that produces a fabric with a silky feel and flowing drape. Often used for linings, acetate has a crisp hand and a high luster.
A man-made fiber that produces a fabric with a soft, wooly hand and excellent color retention. Acrylic is easy to wash, dries quickly and resists wrinkles.
Airflow jersey
Used in athletic wear, a moisture-wicking polyester microfiber that keeps the body dry and comfortable. Strategically placed mesh panels enhance cooling and venting.
A modern silhouette popular in women’s skirts and dresses in which the cut flares gently away from the body to resemble the shape of an "A."
A fine and lustrous yarn from an alpaca, a sheep-like animal of the camel family native to the Andes. Alpaca yarns are often woven with wool or cashmere to create a luxuriously soft, lightweight fabric.
An extremely fuzzy yarn typically from the angora goat but sometimes from the angora rabbit. It is most often knit to create soft sweaters.
A hip-length hooded sport jacket ideal for inclement weather. This jacket was originally worn by Eskimos and later adapted for use in WWII before becoming a popular design for everyday wear.
French term meaning "after ski" used to describe clothing and accessories typically worn off the slopes. Popularized in the 1950s at famous ski resorts like Sun Valley and Lace Placid, the look includes colorful sportswear pieces such as fur vests, knit s
Named after the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland, a knit pattern of raised cabling and interlacing diamond-shaped designs.
A knit pattern of diamond shapes in various colors set against a solid background. Originally a Scottish tartan for the Campbell clan, this pattern is most often seen in socks and sweaters.
A man’s neck scarf worn looped under the chin for sophisticated style.
A term used to describe clothing and accessories designed after the utilitarian style of pilots’ gear.